Case study : Vicar client successfully returns to the City


By Helen Slingsby – Fri 13 Apr 2018 @ 12:16

I've just finished a rewarding time coaching Robert, a former high flier in the City who acted on his calling from God and spent 13 years as a parish priest. He contacted me before Christmas saying his circumstances had changed and he need my help to return to the world of finance. This was my first time helping someone conduct a career switchback, or reverse career change and despite the different worlds involved, he's done it.

Much of this is clearly down to Robert's motivation and financial aptitude, but also to the transferrable skills he's gained as a vicar, and to my view that most jobs, particularly the softer skills, are the "same". For example, we are all required to communicate well, problem solve, manage projects, plan our time, meet deadlines and get on with people etc. 

  • Confidence coaching helped Robert recognise that he had retained, and developed, many of the skills and attributes required for a job back in the City. For example , in running church committee meetings and local fundraising sessions, he had "managed upwards" ( the Bishop) and worked with multiple stakeholders ( the parishioners). He had dealt with money every day and infact had become rather adept at raising money, to recruit a youth worker, in one instance. His presentation and people skills were always going to be good delivering weekly sermons and counselling his flock but so were his problem solving abilities, in getting around tricky hole in the roof-type situations connected to his Church.
  • With my help he was able to  express this succintly and relevantly in a cracking career change CV.
  • Sensibly, Robert was prepared to immerse himself into the world he wanted to return to and was coached to devise a networking plan to reconnect with ex-colleagues from his City days and refresh his knowledge on hiring  practices as well as new regulations and statutory requirements. It meant he was up to date for interviews and knew what to expect. 
  • Initially and understandably, he was a little rusty, but with interview coaching to help him see the bigger picture and refine his why are you leaving the church story, he has landed a role with a large financial regulator and is very happy.  

 So if you are thinking about career change or career reinvention take heart from this story and do get in touch with me for help : [email protected]