Master the Skype interview


By Helen Slingsby – Sat 31 Dec 2016 @ 12:38

More and more recruiters are using Skype to interview candidates.

Skype interviews are still in their infancy and unlikely to replace meetings in person, however, just in case you're asked to take part in one, remember the following tips.

Tips for better Skype Interviews


Dress smartly in plain, dark colours (Skype technology picks up bright colours and makes them garish, heavy patterns are also very distracting). Try and have a plain background, sit upright, a little further back than normal, and look at the camera, rather than the screen, as this will make you look the interviewer in the eyes and not to the side.

Be careful with lighting

For a more professional, less rabbit in the headlights or unhelpful sillouette look, avoid any strong lighting from behind and  light yourself from the front (an angle poise six feet in front works well). 

Check your surroundings

You don't want the empties from the previous night on show.

Have a trial run

Dial a friend using Skype to check the connection, lighting and volume is working well.

Treat it like a proper interview

Smile, do your research and prepare some questions to ask the interviewer. Don't be afraid to mention this is your first time using Skype - we are all still getting used to the technology and the interviewer should understand.