Mid-career M.O.T anyone?


By Helen Slingsby – Mon 3 Feb 2020 @ 16:55

Currently reading the excellent Extra Time by Camilla Cavendish, who's put a very positive spin on getting older and how to make the most of it.

She highlights the need to work longer as pension ages increase, but also our preference to do so. Mid-career folk in our 40s, 50s and 60s, we're fitter than ever and can stay the course, technology means we're easily bored, we have big plans, we want adventure and stimulation, and we have children leaving home later and greater demands on our finances. We're crashing through all conventional "age and stage" barriers in our bid to keep working, feel fulfilled and at the top of our game.

But sometimes we need a re-fresh, a mid-career MOT to check that we're still motoring and haven't burnt out the engine, still have a sense of direction and not a blind belief in the same path.  

Mid-career MOT coaching looks at where you're at, and where you want to be but without the usual brakes. Do you want to change gears up or down, recalibrate the settings and work less and play more, have a portfolio career and add more variety into your life? Do you want to set aside funds to retrain completely and become the clinical psychologist you've always wanted to be? Would less cash in the bank and more impact on society have greater meaning by allocating time for volunteering? Are you seeking to progress in your current organisation or step out and launch a rival firm?

A mid-career MOT provides the space to stop and think. Do get in touch for a free preliminary chat on 07775525811  or email me at  [email protected]