Career CSI – Tune in to your inner detective


By Helen Slingsby – Mon 1 Aug 2016 @ 12:56

Career clues are everywhere. Inspiration for starting or switching career can come from the unlikeliest places. Which writers are you drawn to? Dickens? Do you have an strong social conscience and fancy becoming a charity campaigner or local politician perhaps? Which films? Biopics? Do people fascinate you – would market research and running focus groups appeal? Which channels do you watch on Utube and who do follow on Twitter? A secret penchant for cookery programmes perhaps or trailblazing environmentalists.

And who would you rather hang out with?  Who are your people? Logical, plain speaking rock climbers? Arty, creative teachers? Or do landscape gardeners do it for you and bell ringers leave you cold?  Tune in to  your inner career detective, with the help of a career coach, and investigate the hidden you.