Career change coaching: change job, industry or company

Many clients come to me to be coached to change careers. Some make radical change while others find the coaching process makes them realise they actually love their career but that they need to make adjustments such as moving company or sector.

Career skills audit

One-to-one career change coaching

Career change coaching is an in-depth process and can take a while. Through a bespoke programme I create for just for you, and with the help of licenced self assessment exercises, I will help you desconstruct what makes you tick, to ascertain what is and isn't working, provide myriad ideas for the future as well as an action plan and the tools to move forward.   

Middle age career change

Most of my clients are in their 30s, 40s and 50s – they are either switching careers, looking for second careers, or looking for the best jobs for their individual time of life. I can help you identify the best career for you, considering your skills, values and lifestyle needs. Wouldn’t you like to feel confident to make the change?

I switched career at age 38-40 and have never looked back. Based on years of experience as career change professional, I provide a positive and proactive approach to switching careers at age 30, 40, or even 50.

Ideas for career change at 35

Sometimes, especially in corporate careers, we’re striving to excel and be recognised in our field, so much so, that we don’t take a breath to take stock of what we actually want in life.

You may have gone straight from school or university into a career with little more than a cursory thought that this was the right path for you and now, in your mid-30s you’re starting to think: “Is this what I want for the rest of my life?”

I see so many 30-somethings who are stuck in this situation. I can help with career change ideas, help you start a new career in your 30s, like I did, and make the switch. I will help you join the dots between the present and the future, with new career ideas suitable for women returners, people who are bored and need more stimulation, and those who need to create some financial stability. Through my tried and trusted industry coaching techniques, we’ll work together to remove your psychological barriers, identify skills gaps and work on opportuinities for networking. I’ll be your one-on-one mentor to help you find that amazing new and fulfilling career to satisfy you – both in, and beyond, your 30s – for the rest of your life.

Switching careers at 40

If you’re thinking of making a career change at 40, you may be feeling anxious and unsure if you’ll be accepted in the new environment.

As we are living longer, traditional views of age and stage of life are being turned on their heads and revolutionising people’s attitudes to what is a “good” time to switch career. Making a career change in one’s 40s will become increasingly common, and switching careers multiple times even more so as we meet the needs of a rapidly changing work world and our own boredom thresholds. I can help you start a new career in your 40s, whether that involves retraining, re-inventing yourself, or both – I am here to coach you through the transition.

Starting a new career at 50

Finding a new career at 50 can mean all sorts of things; complete career change requiring retraining to finding different ways of working in your 50s, and making some changes to lifestyle as well.

I coach many men and women in their 50s; my clients are often looking for a portfolio career of multiple activities or a fulfilling early retirement. Some are looking to switch careers in later life after completing their families, find a second career to bring new challenges, or land the best new career they never had, so are completely starting over.

There really is no age limit to switching careers, just good career coaching support, lots of lateral thinking and fresh ideas, and a positive mindset.

How can career transition coaching help me?

Career change coaching will:

  • Build your self-awareness through understanding what makes you tick, what does and does not work for you anymore
  • Focus on the positive
  • Provide suggestions for future careers and places to research and people to contact
  • Create a comprehensive action plan
  • Encourage testing out the new career before committing, using your network
  • Help market the new you via CV, interview and Linkedin profile
  • Reassure you along the way

Professional career change – happy clients

Many of my professional clients wholeheartedly embrace career change and use my expertise to become something completely different. Madeleine, for example, switched from law to crisis management, and Robert returned to the City after many years as a parish priest. Both are delighted by their decision to switch and are fulfilled in what they do.

Career Switch Advice by Zoom, Skype or Telephone

Career Coaching by Skype

I’d love to meet you, whether by zoom, Skype, telephone or in person at my office in Pangbourne (near Reading) in Berkshire. Together, we can work on transforming your career to give you a less stressful, more balanced and brighter future.


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