Future-proof your career: be your own career coach

With the rapidly-changing job market, it’s important for us to plan our own careers and understand what makes us tick and where we want to be. I can help you future-proof your career and put you in control of deciding what’s next, become your own career coach. This comes about by:

  • Fully understanding your beliefs, values, personality and motivation
  • Fully understanding your skills, experience, know-how, and how to promote this fully within the organisation
  • Networking – linking with people, making contacts for the future to further the career – and help others do the same
  • Identifying and setting goals for the future
  • Addressing perennial questions like: is my job right for me? Why was I overlooked for a promotion? What skills do I need to develop to succeed next time? What’s my next step?
  • Career management programme to provide the above support
  • One-off career health check

Developing career resilience

Part of being in control of your career is about having career resilience and the tools and confidence to handle constant change. I have been supporting clients for years to develop resilience through coaching them around:

  • Tried and tested confidence building tools
  • Re-connecting with who you are and what makes you thrive
  • Testing the water

Career coaching to help you stay ahead of the game

There are no longer any real "jobs for life". Companies are loyal to their pocket, rather than their workforce. You need to own your own career and future growth, and be ready to ride the waves – or jump ship.

To see how I can help you stay one step ahead in the world of work, please get in touch for a friendly chat:


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