What really motivates you?


By Helen Slingsby – Sun 24 Sep 2017 @ 17:20

Incentives don't always motivate us to perform well in our careers - it's been proven by science. Rewards are subjective and relate both to our social environment, and proportionately, to the kind of salary levels we expect and receive.

Larger rewards can lead to poorer performance

Where a task is very mundane and robotic, money can be a motivator. Produce 200 widgets and get paid for 200 widgets; produce 1000 widgets and get paid per unit PLUS a productivity bonus! However, when it's a creative task with a range of possible outputs and success factors, full autonomy to fulfil the task leads to excitement, innovation and desire to excel. The recognition gained from being allowed to achieve in this way propels us to achieve even more. 

Business guru Dan Pink reckons money is not a motivator. Check out this amazing animation explaining his thinking: 

Do you need to be inspired at work?

Are you suffering from a lack of motivation in your job because no-one listens to your ideas? Does your organisation lack the hierarchy and progression opportunities you so badly crave? Talking to a career coach could help you find the bottlenecks and create an actionable plan to help you work out whether to stay put, push for promotion, pitch new ideas to your senior board or management or just confidently decide it's time to up and leave for pastures new.

Motivate yourself into a new career!

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